November 29, 2010


 My name is  Sema   I am also known as Viktoria Ballavoski Author of Lilith's Awakening   I have been reading Turkish coffee cups and tea leaves for over 30 years. This gift was passed on over the generations by my ancestors.

Reading Turkish coffee cup is common  in Balkans, Europe  as well in Arab countries. for centuries

When a group of people get together  when they have to cup of coffee.  they will flip it  over, start reading  and there are always one person will try or know how too. You have  fun they laugh over its more like past time.

There is gifted ones like myself  who can read, pass  present   future.

Don't forget good coffee messenger will never ask you question, regarding your
If they gifted  coffee grind images will tell her/him

 Coffee cup/tea leaf reading is extremely accurate when a reader combines symbol translation with intuitive power to reveal how your past and present weaves into your future. The result is accurate and helpful divination for guidance, direction and answers to your questions. As soon as I turn up a cup I begin the see events , circumstances and sometimes dates and names. Loved ones in spirit may also appear.

 While we all have a destiny - part of which must be lived - we also have free will to choose paths that are more beneficial to us.

June 2, 2008



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